Create an External List from zero for Capturedata

Engracia Villar

Engracia Villar

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Follow these steps to create and use an External List

Creating an external list is a process that involves various concepts and it is necessary to configure several previous elements. However, it is a simple process: with these steps you will be able to get your External List working in CaptureData.

1. Create an Integration.

The first step to create an External List is to configure an integration with the external service that will provide us with the data list.

For this purpose, Gladtolink provides you with a series of different configurations to be able to adapt to diverse types of APIs.

Find out how to configure the integration and its options in this entry.

2. Create an External List.

Once the integration is created, the next step is to create an External List that links with the data obtained from de server. 

To create and configure the external list follow the steps you will find in this tutorial about External lists.

3. Put the external list in an automatism and use your data.

When you have defined the list and linked its fields with the results of the integration, the only thing you have to do is place the list in an automatism and use it.

The first thing you should do is create an automatism block. Do it with this tutorial. Once created, you should create an element of “List” type in this block and select the list you have just created on setp 2. 

When you have created the block, you must add it to the automatism, as explained in the​ previous tutorial. Once added, you can use the lists in this block in calculated fields, as indicated in the following steps:

Search in the calculator the “Blocks” section and select the desired block. Once selected, you will see a list of its elements. Find the extended list and in the drop-down menu select the attribute you want from this list (If you select the list directly, the value of the list will be linked).

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