What is Gladtolink?

Engracia Villar

Engracia Villar

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Find out what Gladtolink is and what it can do for you

Gladtolink is a tool that promotes companies Digital Transformation, automating their business processes without any type of programming.


Immediate effects are cost and time savings, in addition to the promotion of paper removal, one of our strengths in sustainable development.. 

Gladtolink’s mission is to turn the complicated into SIMPLE, UNIFYING criteria and ways of working, ADAPTING to each particular case and promoting COLLABORATION between employees and organizations in a SAFE and TRACEABLE environment..

When we talk about Gladtolink, we are talking about an entire ecosystem of solutions:

The Platform

The base is a management platform where data is processed, shared and managed through digital documents and workflows, in a simple and intuitive way.

It has as remarkable characteristics the speed of access, security and traceability, as it offers exhaustive control of every action done within the platform and who does it.

The platform, in addition to being the storage or repository (Library) where all documents and dossiers are kept in the cloud, is also the place where all processes are configured so that users can use them easily and simply, with NO need of training sessions.

G2L CaptureData

Capturedata is the App mode. Different apps can be created without programming and according to the user’s needs.

These Apps can upload data (text, images, date, time, geolocation, etc.) through personalized forms and, at the same time, carry out different actions (which will have been designed on the platform) in order to manage this data to various purposes.

Each one can create its own App WITHOUT programming. It only needs to be configured in simple steps. Its implementation is immediate and flexible, since it adapts to any company and to infinite possibilities of business processess.

My Links

Thanks to My Links we have obtained a product that allows companies to collaborate in an effective way, without losing control of the documents.

Do it yourself. Creat forms on websites that, through a link, can be used both by users of the company itself and by people outside the organization without registering and with a high security component..

“Gladtolink is one of the few (if not the only) document-oriented No-code development app platform that has embedded a document manager and a BPM.”

What can Gladtolink do for you?

As we said, its possibilities are endless and adaptable to each company, user or process. Start by becoming aware of your need: 


Which process of my company that until now is carried out by parts, on paper, Excel sheets or by email in a disconnected way, would I like to unify automatically?


Here you have some examples of processes already carried out in several companies:


  • Travel expenses control
  • Generation of Work -Orders
  • Working Day Registration
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • External links with forms to capture different types of data
  • Generation of Employment Contracts with legal signatures
  • Attendance control to online courses with digital signature
  • Flight Reports
  • Check list of multiple processes
  • Environmental Inspections
  • Fines Managament
  • Invoice Approval Management
  • Sending partial information by email to different departments
  • Etc.

Discover and design yourself the process you need to automate in order to dramatically improve the efficiency of your company.

If you want to start learning about the platform, click this link  and visit the tutorials you may need. 


Some of our clients are IBERIA Airlines, TUI DS, Barceló Hoteles, Trablisa, Amadip Esment, Grupo Roxa Automoción, Generalitat de Catalunya, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Avoris Travel, Halcón Viajes, Consell de Mallorca, Real Club Naútico de Puerto de Pollensa, Ayuntamientos de Salou, Cunit… and many more.

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