How to use the Library

Engracia Villar

Engracia Villar

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Discover the multiple possibilities the Library has to offer

In Gladtolink’s library you will find all those documents and files that you upload, that are generated or shared with you.


As well as  being the store or repository where all your documents and files are, you have several functions that facilitate access to them.


If you are trying to download a document and your browser stops downloading, solve it by clicking on this tutorial.


“The use of the Library is agile and intuitive. Knowing their different options greatly facilitates your work.”



Tags are Gladtolink’s engine and your greatest ally. They will be the key in everything you want to build from them. So pay close attention to its settings.

Create Tags

You can create Labels from very different points. To start, go to the main menu on the left side, to the Labels section and click on “+ Create Label

Give a name to your Tag, a color and even an icon to personalize it.

Once created, you can add a list of values, a document flow and/or a form.

In this tutorial you will see step by step how to create them and what each element of the label consists of.

Sort your Tags

If you have numerous tags, for a better organization, you can order them according to some criteria. Click on this link to see the tutorial.

Sharing Tags

Sharing tags is very useful to collaborate with other users. Add the contacts with whom you want to share the tags and choose what permissions you want to give to each one. In this tutorial you will learn how to share your labels.

Selecting Tags

You have two options to tag documents or dossiers: create a tag or select them from those you already have. In the first case, you only have to enter the document or dossier and create a tag  through the options you will see on the left side of the document/dossier.


Let’s talk about selecting tags. If you have to choose among multiple tags, the filters will help you find them. By simply clicking on the one you want to add, the tag goes to the Selected Column. That easy. In this tutorial you have more detailed information about the filtering options and the selection.

Tag multiple documents/dossiers at once

If you want to add a tag to a set of documents of the Library, you don’t have to go one by one, you can tag them all together.



Go to the library, select all the documents and/or dossiers you want to tag and click on the “Tag” icon in the top menu.

You will now see  the Multiple Tagging dialog box. The documents you have chosen are in the left column in order to check which documents you are going to tag.


In the right column click on “+ Select tags” and choose the ones you need. In a moment you will have tagged a large number of documents, saving you a lot of time. In this tutorial you have more details about Multiple Tagging.


Preview: display of documents and dossiers

The preview is the way to view your documents and dossiers, but you can also perform multiple actions from it.

How to open the preview

It is as easy as going to the Library and clicking on the document or file you want to view. If it is a document, you will see it on the right of the screen and, on the left, you have all the information about it.


If it is a dossier, you will see the list of documents that it contains.

Elements of the preview

The elements of the preview provide all the information you need about the document or dossier. You can also perform various actions directly from here. The elements are: Name, Information, Versions, Sharing, Conversations and Tags.


Click on this tutorial for further information.

View the document in full screen

To view document details, you have several options:
  • Zoom with the mouse scroll.
  • Put the document in full screen with the icon located in the lower right corner.
  • Navigate among pages with the arrows in the black block at the bottom of the page of the document you are viewing.
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